• Vomit Type
    Street installation in NYC, SVA MFA Design, November 16, 2014

    Vomit Type is a typographic installation installed on Ludlow St. in Lower East Side, New York, NY. Ludlow St. is one of the most crowded night life spots of New York City, where you can find puke and other fluids on the sidewalks. For Stefan Sagmeister's class 'Can Design touch someone's heart?' at SVA MFA Design program, we decided to touch Ludlow St. local's heart.
    Making of + Reaction
  • Project
    Sabri Akın
    Sarah Wilson
    Stefan Sagmeister
    Special thanks
    Bhavika Aggarwal
    Maxwell Austensen
    Ali Emre Doğramacı
    Melisa Özkan
    Eren Su Kibele Yarman
    Yanz Zeng
    Visible Futures Lab