Chicago's homeless: how to survive in a tent

  • Living in a tent
    The polar vortex has hit Chicago this November and the city's homeless have started searching out their spots to try and withstand the long winter months.
  • Fighting the cold
    From left to right, Maureen Mayer, Anthony Joseph Chiquete and Samfi Filand fight to stay warm as Chicago temperatures drop below freezing.
  • Mental and physical exhaustion
    Chiquete has lost hope in the city assisting him in getting off the streets.  He has no identifiction and hasn't been able to obtain a social security card.
  • Passing time
    Time does not pass quickly and Chiquete and Filand share stories of their difficulties living on the streets of Chicago.
  • Alcoholism
    Chiquete and Filand both accept they are alcoholics, but need it to take their minds off their situation.  Mayer has sworn off using alcohol to fight the cold.
  • Urine cup
    At night when it is too cold to leave the tent, a urine cup will save you from a walk to the nearby restroom at Margate Park.
  • Winter move
    Chiquete came to the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago after feeling the South Side was too dangerous for the winter.
  • Sticking together
    Chiquete and Mayer leave for a walk to use the restroom and buy alcohol for the night ahead.
  • Out for a stroll
    Chiquete and Mayer leave Filand to watch the camp while they walk to the Edgewater Marianos on Sheridan Avenue.
  • Protecting a friend
    Chiquete keeps a watchful eye out for Mayer and is sure to protect her.  Mayer feels especially vulnerable on the streets as a woman.