Can Design Touch Megan's Heart?

  • This was done as a three week project for Stefan Sagmeister's class while at SVA as an MFA student. I am getting married in August 2015 and needed a way to ask my oldest friend to be my Matron of Honor at the wedding. What materialized was a storybook set of pop up cards that traveled through our pasts together, from running around the Louvre, to ridiculously fantastic games, to sleep overs, and ending on a future memory - her being there with me when I get married. 
    I created this set of cards, then mailed them to Georgia. She didn't know anything was coming and her sisters filmed her reaction (video to come later).
  • Illustration collaboration with the most wonderful Gretchen Braun (Behance site here). She created the beautiful characters, mailed me the vector files, and I proceeded to bring them to life through cut paper and pop ups.
  • Just for your peace of mind, she loved it. :)