"HaMakom" ( The Place)

  • I had only been in Israel for a couple of weeks , and yet I felt  disconnect to the land . I felt as if my soul was still in New York . "How can i feel more connected to the land ?" I thought . So then it came to me , I would do as my ancesstors , the early zionist had done , I would attempt to connect to the land by actually working the physical land . But instead of farming  on a kibbutz ,I did something different I created art . I collected small momentos in small plastic bags as I travelled by foot , by  bus, or by hitch hikeing. Each pebble , every shell , and every handfull of dirt contained meaning  . Collecting  focused my attention on the physical envirnment I was in at the moment and also served as a symbol that held memory . Each collected iteam was then embedded forever in paper .It interested me that each iteam looked like it was found in an archeoligical dig. The paper served as travel journal . Places collected included , Massada , Dead sea , Eilat , Rosh Hanikra , Beit shemesh , The Negev , Mamshit . Jerusalem  and alond the way .