Sunean Strength (AOTW)

  • Vehicle 1 involved:
    Sunean Artillery "Titan"
  • Vehicle 2 incolved:
    Sunean Light Tank
  • Vehicle 3 involved:
    Sunean Heavy Tank
  • Thumbnail
    For the game project i am working on: "Armour of the Wastes" (AOTW), i was asked to come up with a environmental concept art to portray the Sunean race and their military might As how all my project starts, i brainstormed and came up with several silhouette thumbnails and this was the one i found most interesting and decided to build up on it
  • Rough Draft
    From the thumbnail, i envisioned a Sunean armored division trekking through the desert For the center stage, the Sunean Artillery "Titan" will be displayed along with several light and heavy Sunean tanks surrounding it. This is the rough draft version of the image
  • Landscape
    One difficult part of this project was deciding what kind of desert landscape i was going to use final decision was to use a Mars desert landscape, and this is the photo i am going to be painting on top off
  • Perspective/ Vehicle addition
    Perspective is an important key in this piece because i wanted to show the Sunean vehicles approaching at an angle to display movement using perspective lines, painted the vehicles in at the appropriate angle and approach
  • Additional details
    1) the small figure/ Sunean marines were added to in give reference to the size of the Sunean vehicles and to add in more military presence
    2) first plan was to just show the vehicles moving through a sand storm, but felt like it was too "plain" so instead decided to add additional mountain ranges in the back ground
    3) the dust trails created by the moving vehicles