• TypograPics
    Date: Fall 2014
    Context: Graduate
    Project Length: 3 weeks 
    The Prompt: Create a game that is centered around typography in any form.

    I have always been fascinated with how familiar forms are hidden around us, especially letterforms. I took this opportunity to expose others to the fun that could be had when you create a new idea out of something else. Typograpics is a game described as prompted Pictionary. This game was played several times with designers and non-designers alike, all enjoyed it! 

    The packaging has been purposefully constructed so that the box is the game board itself. There is a drawer on the side that hold all necessary products to play the game.  
    Skills: Concept Creation, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Package Design, & Production
  • Typograpics: a game created for everyone, from the typographic connoisseur to the child who just learned how to read, based in the roots of typography and typographic forms. 

    This team-oriented game prompts the drawer/artist of each team with a letter (pulled at random) and a category card. The specific word from the category card is determined by the space that the team currently occupies. The drawer/artist must draw the intended word using the letter form they picked as the skeleton. 

    Open your eyes to what letterforms can be and start the party with Typograpics! 
  • Art Direction: Gail Anderson
    School of Visual Arts
    All Photographs Taken by Me