Rhabdophobia: Off-Course Exhibition

    An interactive installation I designed for Kevin O'Callaghan's exhibition Off-Course, which featured 18 fully-functional miniature golf course holes, each highlighting a particular phobia. Each designer was also asked to produce three concept products related to the phobia. 
    My piece deals with the fear of Magic, known as Rhabdophobia. Inspired by vintage magic posters, the piece features the head of Alexander the gypsy in front of a large transparent crystal ball that spurts out a fortune card every time someone scores. The fortunes are silk-screened onto vintage tarot cards and predict the player's fate for the rest of the game, also acting as give-aways. 
    The products feature "magical" every-day objects packaged as vintage products. First is a wooden box engraved with the Photoshop logo containing old-age versions of the crop tool, eraser, magic wand, zoom tool (magnifying glass) and ruler. 
    The other products include a jar of coffee beans, packaged as "Instant Energy Beans" and high-heeled shoes with a tag that reads "levitating shoes". Lastly is a box gold-leafed with the Google logo, containing keyboard letters and a tiny magnifying glass as the "Instant Answer Generator". 
    Read more about the full exhibition here
  • Process Photos