My Hard Drive_Infographic

  • My Hard Drive
    School Project_School of Visual Arts_Fall 2014
    Instructor_John Grimwade
    I'm a graphic design senior at the School of Visual Arts in New York, and I've had the opportunity recently to take an infographics class. One of our assignments was to design an infographic about ourselves. It started me thinking about my identity as a designer and what represents my work. I found myself gravitating towards physical objects that are a crucial part of a designer's life, so I chose my hard drive, which I’ve had since the beginning of my freshman year at college. As students, we carry our hard drives everywhere, at all times. It contains our repertoire, and we're lost without it.

    I started by segregating the types of information that my hard drive holds and involves: physically and digitally. I further broke these down into shape, color and information. For the part that deals with the physicality of the hard drive, I backed up all my data and then dismantled every part of the object to create a photographic stop motion piece. The next part, involving intangible information, came as the bigger challenge. I had to organize, structure and assimilate the data not only by quantity, but also by kind. This had an emotional and nostalgic effect on me as I saw the past three years of my college life right before my eyes.

    Through this project, I have discovered my love and passion for visual data and its interaction with design. I have a long way to go, but I'm excited and curious about what lies ahead.