Zerogon (by Joshua Planz & John Matttiuzzi)

  • A lonely creature, on a lonely planet, abducted into the false allure of a computer generated world.

    Directors: Joshua Planz & John Mattiuzzi
    Director of Photography: Eric Branco
    Producer: John Mattiuzzi
    Story Consultant: Anney Bonney
    Character Animation By: Ashley Gerst, Adam Momsen, & Steve Ritler
    3D FX: Mike Huang
    SFX Makeup Artist: Kate Mary
    Assistant Makeup: Jennifer Schelhorn
    Script Supervisor: Maria Stern
    Special Thanks: Jillian Guarco, Jasper Lin, Eddie Mattiuzzi,
    Tatiana McCabe, Donald Poynter, Rodan Tekle, Marvin Woodyatt, & Abi Iverson
    Editor: John Mattiuzzi
    Sound Design & Mixing: John Mattiuzzi
    VFX by: John Mattiuzzi & Josh Planz
    “Do The Cobra” Written and performed by Juanitos, from the album “Best of”
    “Flatland” Written and Performed by Jarryd Lowder, from his album “Soundtracks_ Video & Performance Works”
    “East” Written and Performed by Jarryd Lowder, from his album “Bezem”
    "Divided By Oceans" by Amotz Plessner.

    In memory of Professor George Parrino:
    To this day, I can still hear his words loud and clear, "Don't you ever let yourself become hypnotized by your own artwork."
    George was an amazing artist and professor who pushed his students beyond their intellectual and creative potential. He did not settle for visual fluff, nor could you sneak it by him. And if you tried, you were met with a carnival of embarrassment.
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