Bernard M. Tiedemann: Master Artist & Renaissance Man

  • Bernard M. Tiedemann
    A Life of Ecclesiastical Restoration & Artistic Conservation
  • “It gives me great pleasure to continue to work and share my knowledge and many years of experience in this forum with all of you. I view ecclesiastical restoration of art and architecture, as more than my life’s work, it is my passion and my eternal contribution. Now that I am semi-retired, I have the wonderful opportunity and pleasure to become more involved in new artistic technological mediums such as this and share them with all our clients, supporters, and every lover of art. I have been very blessed to work with so many talented artisans and craftsmen throughout my career. I am especially proud of my son Joseph who has taken the reigns and chosen to follow the often difficult but eternally rewarding life of an ecclesiastical artist / conservator. He continues to innovate in the field of art restoration and expand Renaissance Restoration Studios Inc in new and creative directions. All the members of Renaissance Restoration Studios Inc in every department and discipline are devoted masters who labor tenaciously with unparalleled precision each and every day. In my opinion, our team of artists and conservators is the finest in the world, boasting an extraordinary range of artistic knowledge and vast experience. The gifted artisans of Renaissance Restoration Studios Inc are encouraged to continually explore and provide new exciting perspectives on the preservation of the art and architecture that exists all around us. This motivation, freedom, and intellectual reward significantly contribute to the whole of the conservation industry and it is what makes our team the very best. Our mission and vision as individuals and as a company is to provide the highest quality artistic restoration services and also to foster and deepen interest and understanding of art and the processes of its preservation. On behalf of all the great artists and conservators of Renaissance Restoration Studios Inc, I welcome you.”
    Bernard M. Tiedemann