Data Foundations

  • Understanding social entrepreneurship in Foundations through data visualization.
    We were very curious to compare and contrast Foundations which varied in both age and size while having social entrepreneurship as a common base for funding projects and fellowships. We do data mining for Knight, Skoll, Ashoka and Echoing Green Foundations.
    We focused the visualizations in the overlaps and commonalities. Analyzing the following:
  • Purpose
    Purpose refers to the various missions and categories of social impact that foundations focus on. Over time, vision topics can evolve as new social causes appear on the horizon based on the challenges that societies focus on. The size and age of a foundation can impact the speed with which the organization takes on new causes.
  • Share Language
    Shared language refers to the common vocabulary that foundations have when they present and describe their missions and goals. Although qualitative variable, how these organizations choose to
    describe themselves and how often words are used can give insight to their priorities.
  • Inputs and Outputs
    Inputs and Outputs refer to the overall budgeting of the foundations income and/or assets. By comparing different organizations based on percentage of annual budget spent, we can get a glimpse into the priorities of foundations and tell much risk they are willing to take on any given topic regardless of their size.
  • Geo Impact
    This area of focus allows us to see the level of reach that various foundations have on a global basis while understanding the direction of funding from where a foundation is based to wear on the planet they feel they can have the most impact.