The Conscious Giving

  • Empowerment Non-Profit is an Organization
    who teaches a man or a woman to fish.
    An organization who secure everyone’s access
    to the pond and protect the life and water on it.
  • for them I design...
  • Before this prototype, myself, as a designer, I was always at the end of the process. I wasn’t able to reflect with the members of the Organization from the inside out and share my creative process with them so every participant can contribute in it.
    This workshop allowed me to design a strategic communication that helps the Organization not only by having a visually strong and clearer presence but also support them in the task of fulfilling their promise and act accordingly.
  • This strategy shifts a donor perspective from giving to a conscious giving.
    A thoughtful and clear identity is able to inform a potential donor about the work and process an empowerment non-profit do. Thus, allows potential donors to understand the distinction between paternalistic and empowerment activities. Enabling them to perceive why and where their donation will have a bigger impact.