BRAC program graphics

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  • My first summer internship ever was in BRAC.
    BRAC is a development success story, spreading solutions born in Bangladesh around the world – a global leader in creating opportunity for the world’s poor. What started out as a limited relief operation in 1972 in a remote village of Bangladesh has turned into the largest development organization in the world. Organizing the poor using communities’ own human and material resources, BRAC (formerly Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee) catalyzes lasting change, creating an ecosystem in which the poor have the chance to seize control of their own lives.
    BRAC showed me how innovation happens at the ground and through the people you are working for. I came to understand the overall structure and implementation of their successful models, which have made them one of the most outstanding non-profits for social improvement in the world. Finally (but equality inspiring to me), they gave me access to one of the most beautiful pictures galleries of children, women and man from across the globe.
    You can find some examples of the storytelling, data visualization, infographics and the general visuals I designed for different BRAC programs.