• Games for Change at DSI.
    Profesors: Asi Burak and Matt Parker
  • Night play-date at DSI.
    While growing undocumented immigration in both Mexico and the United States is a hot button issue, many citizens on both sides of the border are unaware of its root causes. In playing the immigration game, voters in Mexico and the United States will gain a better understanding of undocumented immigration, be able to make more informed decisions on immigration law, and develop greater empathy for undocumented immigrants in their communities.
    The creation of this game required extensive research, interviews, empathy and a strong will to read, listen or watch the step-by-step journey of an undocumented immigrant crossing Mexico and the U.S.-Mexican border. We hope users can experience and share the same empathy process and insights as we had, while playing The Camino.
    The photographs are from our more recent user testing experience to keep refining our game  mechanics, logistics, human interactions and graphics.
    Team: Chelsea Wagner, Luis Quintero and me.