• Spring Show 2012, Design for Social Innovation at SVA
    photo: Luis Quintero
  • Bojiganga is an itinerant workshop to deter discrimination, where young people have the opportunity to experience social behaviors through simulation, games, role-play, interaction and theater that encourage positive relationships with others and their environment.
    The design for Bojiganga needed research, mapping and social design skills for understanding our audience, their environment and the best possible intervention within the possibilities.
    I create the behavioral learning tools for Bojiganga, based on Augusto Boal, Peter Brooke theatrical theories, process and exercises; blend with Paulo Freire’s teachings.
    Divided in 3 moments: Physical, Cultural and Human Contact. Bojiganga is an experience that allows young people to develop empathy and assimilate knowledge in a different format, far away from classrooms models.
    This workshop seeks to playfully explore our humanity. Play with the kindness that allows us to live in peace despite our differences.
    Bojiganga is still a prototype and hasn’t been tested yet. The poster image is part for an identity strategy to promote Bojiganga through junior high schools in Mexico City. You can also read through my notes and get an overview of how do I get to the root causes, intervention, activities development and overall identity.