• This concept is part of an entrepreneurship class exploring the development of business ideas and models through lean startup methodologies. This video is a one-minute teaser explaining the concept and inviting people to share stories (it worked as one of our first MVP's).
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  • What you ever tasted a story?
    Bread & Tales is a pop-up restaurant concept that connects people through food and stories. We like to think in ourselves as a culinary refuge that brings people’s stories to life through delicious food.
    Because rituals of eating are so closely associated with memory, culture, and family, they are an integral part of defining and sharing who we are. At Bread & Tales, our menu items are all based on stories that customers have shared with us about certain foods, meals, or memories that are special to them. We have designed a menu of story / sandwich pairings that creates a unique customer experience by making written stories integral part of ordering and eating.