• MEN
  • In my work I try to expose a component of masculinity that was buried in the course of human history under the heavy burden of rigid gender conventions. Gentleness, uncensored emotion, vulnerability – all of these became, under the influence of the social evolution, cursed and repulsive characteristics when manifested by men.
    In my work I try to locate, identify and define these fine traces of feminine masculinity .The kind which obeys much less willingly to limiting historical impositions.

    Through a highly meticulous staging process I try to expose almost-archeologically all the repressed treasures that were not openly expressed. Even when it came to men in their 20's, living in one of the most liberal cities in the whole world.

    In the work process I focus on the way in which physical beauty might reflect the subtlety of the soul. I present the photographed men in a glorifying light, and distance them into the plains of fantasy. By doing so I invite the viewer to take part in the process of legitimatization of a different kind of masculinity; a route that I had taken myself.  

    This project enabled me to explore and perhaps understand the femininity that is within me, using the relationships developed between me and each one of the subjects. Most of them are situated in the spaces in which they live. Nevertheless, I tried to isolate them from their environment in order to clear the picture of any irrelevant details.

    I am not interested in showing an environment that reflects upon the subject, but in the latter's most sincere external manifestation of its soul: in the facial expression, the physical gesture, the carriage, the posture, all of which allow the viewer to almost touch the bare skin.
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