Nest Series

  • Resilience, Rot and Growth is a painting that depicts the resilience of life and the cycle of rot and growth. I tried to depict the nest outside as shell of a egg, and inside the egg shows a plant and barks that appears brown and dead, but still has life and may grow once again.  
    Installed as a series of work, The Engineer's Nest is a wooden sculpture that carries on the theme of rebirth and growth. My previous series of works were about Emu eggs symbolizing new beginning and rebirth, and continuing from the series I made a nest without the egg to symbolize growth and home.
    The painting Resilience, Rot and Growth is 36 x 24 inches, Oil and Acrylic on Canvas. 
    The Engineer's Nest is 20 x 8 inches and is made of a found log, branches and recycled tin plates.
  • Resilience, Rot and Growth shown with Engineer's Nest
  • Engineer's Nest
  • Resilience, Rot and Growth
  • Nest