Old School Works - SVA - 2000

  • SVA Paintings
    Random paintings in collage for installation work.
  • "Painting Collage" - SVA Studios Exhibition 2000 - 400cm x  300cm - Oil on Canvas, sewn (Dismantled and Sold Div. Norway)
  • Detail "Painting Collage"
  • SVA Sculptures
    At this time I was mainly doing scultpture in welded steel, stone and wood (using a chainsaw).
  • "Untitled 01" (Quantum Singularity Steel Series), 2000, Carbon Steel, Untreated, 260cm x 100cm (Private Collection, NJ, USA)
  • "Norwegian Wood" Installation, 2000, Wood Carving, Oak, 150cm x 400cm, chainsaw, hand tools and powerdrill (Private Collection, CT, USA)
  • "Bar Stool 01" (Bar Stool Series), 2000, Welded Carbon Steel and Plexi Glass, Untreated, 260cm x 100cm (Private Collection, CT, USA)