• STORY : Beoljubu is a Korean folk tale. The King of the sea very often opened a party. He grew tired and became ill. So three doctors came. After checking the king, All doctors agreed that the only successful treatment to the king's disease was a rabbit's liver. Then a turtle, a subject of the king, left the palace of the sea and went to the land to find a rabbit. Finally, when the turtle met a rabbit, he said. "The king wants you to be his special doctor." The turtle persuaded the rabbit until he followed him to the palace. When they arrived, the rabbit got locked up in a small, dark room. instead of meeting the 

    CONCEPT : The turle's journey to find the rabbit and the rabbit's effort not to be caught by the turtle. With each type of title, 'Beoljubu', the inside of the rabbit as a background was designed and animated.
    ADAA(The Art Dealers of Association of America) Semifinal List!
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