The Orwells

  • The Orwells are a crew of underage scamps who hail from Elmhurst,Illinois. From the first time I met them I knew I wanted to work on their project. During that time, I have joined them on tour, in the studio and have attempted to capture what their music visually means to them. 
  • Two photos above shot by Colin Lane in NYC.
  • Photo taken by me for Rolling Stone.
  • Orwells at Dreamland Studios in Woodstock.
  • Disgraceland Posters, postcards and promotional stickers located in NYC, LA, Chicago and the UK.
  • Disgraaceland painted on a wall in Brooklyn, NY.
  • Who the fuck are the Orwells T-shirts. (Limited Run)
  • Disgraclenad cover and disk. Cover shot by Eddie O' Keefe in Elmhurst.
  • The band in various venues.