Paintings SMIO Gallery Exhibition - 2014

  • For the local exhibition SMIO in Samnanger, Norway — I started a series of four paintings. Finished two in time for the exhibition, along with printing a wood-cut I made last summer in Connecticut.
  • "Havfruen Grip" 2014, 85x85cm, Acrylic on Canvas
  • "Havfruen Færder" 2014, 85x85cm, Acrylic on Canvas
  • SMIO 2014 Exhibition
    The exhibtion SMIO is in "Smio"; an old blacksmith forge dating back to 1895. The rustic brick walls and large windows provide beautiful contrast for bright colors and lots of bright daylight. 
  • "Untitled" Wood-Cut 2014, 1-3/20, 23x45cm with frame