• Rough Draft
    If there was one area i wanted to improve the most on, it would be a environmental cityscape. Well i did used to study architecture, so my interest in urban environments will always be there. 
    I've already done a city landscape of New Renaissance before (City Landscape Grayscale project) but that was way back then and i felt like i could make a better one so it was off to the races.
    This time, i wanted to challenge myself with a 3-point perspective from the ground view because i've never done it before.
    For the shot, i've imagined a interstate highway leading to the capital building of New Renaissance
  • Line Art
    With the line art finished, it still felt pretty plain for a futuristic science fiction capital city, so i've decided to add more details in once i get to the coloring
  • Final Draft
    For the setting, i know i've done it multiple times, but i decided to go with a evening/ dusk setting cause i just love the exotic color compositions that can make the art work very enticing.
    After coloring in the foreground buildings and the highway/ vehicles, it still felt like the city was not "alive enough" so that did bother me for a bit, but i wasnt until i was watching the Star Wars prequels (yes i actually like them) i saw Corusant, which enticed me to add the hover vehicle trafftic and more ships in the horizon.
    Also added more lighting effects on the buildings which makes it stand out more.
    Overall, i would say i didn't do that bad of a job being a newbie to 3 point perspective.