Exeter Independent Film Festival

  • Exeter Independent Film Festival
    This project focuses on the branding and identity for an independent film festival based in Exeter. For the promotional campaign, I designed a series of five posters advertising the five independent, low budget films being screened during the festival, and tickets for all of the events during the festival. Alongside this I also designed and printed a newspaper guide for the festival featuring highlights, interviews, articles and more. Furthermore, I designed and coded a website for the event which features information about the festival and in-depth information regarding the films being screened.

    A 16 page tabloid newspaper guide was designed for the festival, which includes the Film & Event schedule, festival highlights and a map as well as articles on independent film, interviews
    and behind-the-scenes.

    A series of five promotional posters were designed to advertise the festival, each featuring a different independent film being screened during the festival. The undefined rectangular border changes in each poster highlighting a select part of the image by drawing attention to that cropped section.

    Tickets were created for all of the events at the festival, printed on thick, quality glossy cardstock with a perforated line to seperate both parts of the ticket. As with the posters, the rectangular border was used here to highlight certain parts of the background image.
    I also designed and built a website for the festival which included festival information, interactive maps, film information, talks, workshops, a ticket booking service and more.
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  • All photos belong to their respective owners, all material was produced for a design brief on my course, this project is for a fictional film festival only.