Sony LifeSaver
    Naked Calendar
    Experimenting with different materials was our first approach to this calendar project. The characteristics of transparency paper, being able to overlap different colors and patterns to create a new image intrigued us to apply it into the design of the calendar. Inspired by the rotation of the clock, we decided to express each month by cutting the pattern into twelve pieces. It follows the same order as the clock so it will be more understandable to the viewers. Because the calendar is composed of transparency paper, the cut part of the pattern will reveal the color behind it, which creates an intersting color relationship every month.
  • Sony LifeSaver is an alert system activated by GPS and heart rate sensor added to Sony’s waterproof Walkman to be able to detect the swimmer’s location and health condition in the water. Because there are many drowning accidents every year, we decided to include these features to be able to locate swimmers in the water and be updated with any sudden health condition that could lead to drowning.