This project is about branding a existing company, which is FLOS, a luxury lighting company.
    The company pursues minimalistic, contemporary, simplistic, elegant, luxuroius and urbanistic concept.
    And the main target audience is professionals between 30s-40s living in city. Furthermore, lighting products should contain comfortable mood for those who want to take a rest at home or who have a conference with their clients or business partners. 

    Thus I was trying to focus on those concept by choosing sans serif typefaces for both logo and secondary typeface. Since the concept of this brand aims at contemporary atmosphere, I was trying to choose photographs as much minimalistic as possible. That is the reason why I colored the logo as black & white.

    And I still developing app design and web design for this project.
    I will upload it as soon as I complete the applications.
    Thank you for appreciate my project! : ) 
    School of Visual Arts
    Class : Typography Design
    Instructor : Richard Poulin