Alt-J - An Awesome Wave

  • For almost the past two years I've had the very great pleasure of being the Art Director for the band, Alt-J.  Below is a selection of everything I've had a chance to create / oversee.
  • Alt-j is the mac keyboard short cut for ∆. Which is called a Delta. 
    The album artwork for An Awesome Wave is a multi-layered radar image of the Ganges river delta in Bangladesh.
    It was acquired by the European Space Agency and used with their permission. 
  • When it came time for a photoshoot I had the chance to bring on one of my favortie photographers, Noah Kalina. Using a projector and a variety of gradients we managed to capturethe feeling of Alt-J's music in images.
  • Alt-J An Awesome Wave
    Client: Canvasback Recorss / Atlantic Records
    Photographer: Noah Kalina
    Stylist: Leanne Ford & Len Burton