At IBM, I design software and systems around complex problems with global impact. I work with large international teams of business leaders and engineers. I also participate in IBM Designthinking workshops, activities, and recruiting where I help teach prototyping and game design.
    Unfortunately, I can't show a lot of my work from here in public. I'd be happy to discuss my time at IBM in confidence.
  • Summary
  • Smarter Citizens Vision Video
  • Having designed several mobile applications for IBM in the civic space, I wrote, designed, and animated a vision video that would be shareable across the company’s +430,000 employees. The new direction would foster better relations between citizens and governments and also create a wealth of new data for IBM to build solutions around.
  • IBM Designthinking Workshops
  • As part of IBM's efforts to implement better design across its businesses, many teams are flown in to Designcamp where they learn about IBM Designthinking. I taught the Prototyping session, encouraging teams to practice iteration, embrace failure, and learn by doing.
  • A colleague and myself giving feedback on a team's prototype presentation.
  • User Research Artifacts
  • Empathy maps are a way to both connect and analyze with users. They sort a user's state of being into several quadrants (thinks, feels, says, does, etc.) and serve as reminders of who we are designing for. Often this information is synthesized into personas that guide the product design process.
  • Just a few weeks of research lead to the creation and dozens of artifacts both raw and synthesized with different project stakeholders.
  • UI Sketches and Storyboards
  • Sketch for a Smarter Cities project taking inspiration from Sim City and Civilization game UIs.
  • Mobile version of same task management project.
  • Storyboard envisioning the expansion of a product into regular home use by city managers. Exploration of second screen, tablet, and voice activation in product.