Gender Reveal Invitation

  • Gender Reveal Invitation
  • While expecting our first baby, I knew I would be designing artwork for the baby's room, and wanted to do the invitations for both of my baby showers, but it was a bit of a last-minute decision to have a small gender reveal party the weekend that we find out if we're having a girl or a boy! I went to pinterest to find a fun theme, and knew that I wanted something kind of classy but still fun and cute. We've been saying that if we have a boy he's going to wear bow ties with every outfit, so that made the boy part easy, and since I spent most of my life as a dancer, tutus were the obvious choice for a girl. I found some fun scrapbook paper at Michael's in pink and blue and scanned them in after cutting triangles for bunting. I will use the actual paper to make a nice large banner for the party.¬†Assuming the baby cooperates, we'll find out what we're having on April 4th, 2014! Fingers crossed :)