Logos 2014


  • Hello , after a long time without uploading any project i decided to return back to my portfolio to re-upload my work that i've made on this long time , there are more and more branding projects but i try to choose the best and pick wisely to make a nice logofolio on this year , this project will be updated with any new logo that i think that it deserved to be watched , so please give me you advice and comment about this work cuz i'm really looking forward for that .

  • Diamondana Group Logo Design "Presentation soon"
  • Diamond Men Dormal Suits Store Logo Design
  • ISUZI Idea for a shop with this name and the REFLECTION of the Loogo gaves the same word ! 
    The Inspiration From this logo refers to logo TRUST the famous reflectional logo .
  • Vascom Business Solutions Logo Design
  • Model Business Solutions logo design . "Presentation Soon"
  • SUE Women Accessories logo design
  • Business Music , Music Production Company Logo Design . "Presentation Soon"
  • German Cure Healthcare Instruments company logo design "Presentation Soon"
  • simple logo that made for a great EDM website , i dion't think anything about it but i'm proud of it cuz it been seen from HARDWELL in an interview and he also take some pictures beside it .