A Study of Light

  • A Study of Light is a project created for Sabine Flach's Modern Contemporary Art Midterm at the School of Visual Arts. We were assigned to take a topic, artist or artwork that we had recently talked about in class and create our own artwork inspired by it.
    I decided to focus on the light installations of James Turrell. Turrell's work is primarily concerned with light, space and how the viewer interacts. I reproduced a few of Turrell's famous light installations and then made a couple of my own light studies ... all in Cinema 4d r15
    The primary goal I wanted to achieve in this was the idea of forced perspective. In Turrell's installations the viewer is free to move around the piece and view it at any angle they so desire. In the renders, there is one camera angle focused on one point so the perspective is forced … giving me chance to really expand on the ideas of optical illusions and how the viewer sees the piece.
  • Research and Inspiration
  • Renders
  • Personal Renders
  • Light study using different colored walls