• A 3:30 study of stillness and motion.
  • Pee Shy: A humorous short based on a true story.
  • Music for Seven Players is a musical exploration that is part traditional written score, part aleatoric score, part written instruction, part fluxus event. The piece was influenced by artists such as John Cage, George Crumb, Terry Riley, Yoko Ono, Marcel Duchamp and the Broadway smash hit STOMP. It was also largely inspired by the Interactive Keyboard Project by Abraham Avnisan (with David and Tara Gladden) which plays a key role in the piece.
    This project was created at the July 2013 session of The School of Making Thinking's summer residency program. Another motive behind the piece was the theme for that session: "Playing with Structure and Not Structure." This piece calls for a lot of improvisation and creativity from the players while basing it around more structured elements such as chord progressions, timing of entries and certain rhythmic elements.
    Scored for flute/piccolo, accordion, Interactive Keyboard Simulator, and household objects such as typewriter, rotary telephone, ripped paper, broom, billiard balls and plastic and paper bags it also features spoken work in the form of poetry fragments from the Interactive Keyboard as well as spoken excerpts from selected texts that are read aloud by the players during the performance.
    The first movement is slow and plaintive and largely improvised based around G minor mode as established by the vocal texture from the Interactive Keyboard. The second movement is more upbeat and features a jaunty ostinato in the accordion.
    This video features excerpts from a 20 minute performance created at the School of Making Thinking in July 2013 in Delhi NY.