Life Cycle - Flash game

  • Game: Life Cycle
    Helping the character to find all the 7 important memories during his infinity life cycle in the game, click here to play!
    Life Cycle is a 2D side scrolling video game made in Adobe Flash,This project is one of my processes to explore the meaning of death and life. Due to a friend of mine at the similar age as me passed away in 2012 summer, I noticed that how limit I know about this final stop for our journey of life. Therefore, I started to try numerous ways to examine death in different perspectives. Life Cycle demonstrates a loop of one's lifetime from infant to elder, and with all the decisions you make during the game will determine every time the result for your character when he came to the end of his life. The reason for me to make this game is we should think about how we live before we talk about how we die. 
    This is one of my personal video game project, I am responsible for game design, graphic, user interface and programmand.