The Little Prince Museum

  • The
    Little Prince
    This is a fictional art/science museum designed at SVA
    for Natasha Jen's Communication class.
    The art in this project is not orginal but representative
    of the type of work that would be displayed.
  • Stars

    Are the building block of almost all matter in the galaxy.
    And they are what lights up the universe and gives
    visual artists things to do. They are also the most universal
    and oldest symbol to humanity of what is beyond.
    Therefore the symbolism of a star provide the perfect
    symbol for the museum.


    Are in a way an ancient form of what this museum is about.
    Wondering what is beyond. Trying to make sense of the cosmos
    by giving it form. It also provides a graphical instrument
    to create connections between art and science or anything else.
    Connections being a big part of what the museum is about.
  • Structure

    Because a cross/star represents a point ( two-dimensionally or
    three-dimensionally ) it can also represent structure and contain
    information or content. It is a more relevant graphical tool
    to contain something than a box because of the open nature of
    the topic of the museum. A container would feel inappropriate. 

  • Responsive

    Logo should adapt to whatever container or constraint it
    is in. Logo mark should be sized optically to distance
    of viewer and should not be scaled every-time.  The stars
    will increase in number to provide more presence.

    Number of stars is roughly the number of square units of container.
        a.)  3.5in * 3.5in =  9 stars
        b.)  3.5 * 2.5 = 6 stars
  • Stars

    Can be used as pointer such as in this document. Or as a connection. 
    Or to contain an image or text and for filling space
  • Exterior

    Museum exterior should feel out of place yet self contained,
    mysterious with little to no sign-age. It should feel like
    a place separated from reality as much as possible. Visitors
    should be able to leave behind the city when entering.
  • Entrance  / transition

    There should be an entrance that serves as a pallet cleanser,
    a moment of anticipation and a clear barrier from the
    outside. It should also be dark so it is a visual transition
    into the museum.
  • Interior

    The interior will be plain. The walls will be bare stone
    to reinforce the difference between other museums. It should
    start to lean more to a personal experience than an
    appreciation to the artwork itself.After all the work will
    be about other people who are all thinking of in a way,
    the same thing. 
  • Digital Design
    Home Page
    Curated daily the main page is like blog to keep viewers
    coming back to learn about new or old artists. 
  • Exhibition Page

    Each exhibition is placed in a floaty way to relink it back
    to stars and space. The images cycle
  • About Page

    Wordy, why not.
  • Time / Location Page
  • Location Page

    A tribute to the Golden Record on the Voyager