Indian Street Painter

  • A publication that talks of the urban Indian roadside painter, an artist whose art has been ubiquitous on the streets since a long time, but now, how he finds it difficult to get any work at all.
    They are roadside street artists who, for a living, paint number plates, mudguards and other knickknacks for vehicles, hoardings, sign boards etc. While their work is seen everywhere, the world itself is oblivious to the painters and their lives. The intention of this project was to bring into limelight these painters and to make their voices heard.
    The publication documents 13 painters from the city of Ahmedabad, explaining their conditions through excerpts of their interviews. Extensive photo documentation of their work was also a part of the project. This book talks about each Painter’s individual life as well as of a collective plight. These painters have been rendered jobless since newer printing technologies took over some years ago. The book aims to create awareness amongst people, of the painter’s condition, and document the unknown genius behind the ever so popular Indian street art.
    Collaborator: Sushmeit Madhavan Nambiar