An Instance Project

  • This is an assignment for the class "Can Design Touch Someone's Heart?" at School of Visual Art MFA Design as Author and Entrepreneur program. The assignment is to touch a community's heart with design.
    I approched several couples all over New York City and asked if I could take an instant photo of them. Then after that I put the photo inside a pre- designed envelope designated to specific places, wrote down date and time and offered them to keep the photo and the envelope as a reminder of the time they spent together.
    The idea behind this project is, after breaking up with my lover, I spent a lot of time thinking about the time we were still together. I wish this project could remind people of the importance of the tiny orninary moments they spent together and may be give them something to hold on to after time passes by.
  • This project is a collaboration between me and my best friend.
    Hand lettering by Napasawan Nan Sirisukont (MS Packaging Design, Pratt Institute)
    Concept/Art Direction/Packaging Design/Photograph by NHAM? Wongpradu (MFA Design, School of Visual Arts, Class of 2015)
  • Hand Sketches by Napasawan Sirisukont (Nan)
    We think the best way to convey the message that every moment should be cherish is to make the lettering elegant, warm and welcoming.
  • "Don't Take It For Granted" This packaging goes to Chelsea area in Manhattan
  • "Eternity is Merely a Moment" This one is for Central Park
  • " Hold On to This" goes to any of NYC subway
    Finished packages, inkjet printed dark color on light color papers / hand cut

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