What Fo(u)r

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    “What Fo(u)r” is the topic of the Graduation Design Project for us senior students at the Department of Architecture in National Cheng Kung University. We ask the question since we are the last-year students receiving four-year training in our department. It also claims critical reflection over our accomplishment that characterizes the training program. What could we achieve after the four years? What possibility could we create? What are the goals that we strive for?
    As the topic conveys the message of exploration, uncertainty, and in a way, worry, I choose the color of neutral – gray to set the basic tone of publicity materials. I replace “u” with “4” in “What Four” to suggest the multiple meanings of these two similar-sounding words. The word “4” extends its lines and becomes the most distinctive element in the main poster and postcards. Three situational images – finding a way through four layers of maze, climbing four flights of stairs within a tower, and opening four doors – are created to express the concepts and questions addressed by the topic.