MySVA Mobile App

  • Dashboard:
    Simple; The user will have customizable options so that their dashboard shows them all they want rather than the user sifting through the website to get to a particular page. All the customizable options will be located under settings.
    The contact book will contain all the emails of all the teachers from that academic year. This makes it easier to contact them before class begins in case a student will be absent from the frist day of class (which you currently cant do).
  • Announcements:
    This section is controlled by the school and will be useful for emergency warnings and general announcements. This is a solution to the huge number of emails a student can recieve in a given week. Depending on the level of importance, a message indicator color will be assigned.
    This is for student, teacher and advisor relations. An alternative to student emails. In addition, should an announcement be flagged as critical, it will appear here in addition to the announcement section.
  • Calender:
    A calender will be automatically generated according to the student's schedule. Makes it easy for students to be more organised.
    To avoid the annoyance of logging onto the main student network to view grades, they will be pushed to the app where students can view anywhere, anytime.
  • Grade Point Average will be displayed top right.