Process Makes Perfect

  • During the first few years of my design career, I was at a constant battle with myself over my process of designing. I would watch my classmates and coworkers get things done faster and struggle less than I did and hate myself for not being able to decide on one idea and work in a linear fashion towards executing it.

    I have since come to terms with my process- and have decided that it’s part of who I am and at the end of the day, is what makes me produce work I am proud of. It’s the ever-changing exploration of all the ideas that come to my head, the back-and-forth decision making (or lack thereof), the constant challenge and if-i’m-not-struggling-it-can’t-be-good attitude that makes the process worthwhile. 

    So, here is my new motto- Process makes perfect- as seen through my process of working. The video was created using Screenflow to record my screen as I worked over a period of 4 days, sped up at 10,000% of the original speed.