Peters' Farm Logo

  • Peters' Farm Logo

    Peters’ Farm is a family owned farm in Salem, New Hampshire. Since 1911 the farm has provided fresh local produce at great prices. The farm is widely known in the region for their corn and has a following of loyal customers. To further increase consumer recognition, Peters' Farm came to Causarē for a new logo.
  • Logo Development
    The concept with the logo was to create an instant association of Peters’ Farm with both farming and their top crop: corn. A tractor towing corn seemed like the natural choice to accomplish this. A giant corn cob was then chosen rather than normal sized ones to make the logo more memorable.
  • An early sketch of the tractor and corn.
  • The final version of the tractor and corn.
  • Before this project the closest thing Peters’ Farm had to a logo was a sign on the side of their farm stand. This sign has become iconic to area residents and it seemed worthwhile to both reference and update this sign.
  • The previous signage.
  • The new type for the logo set in Gotham Black and Gotham Light.
  • Final Logo
  • Variations
  • Seven different variations of the Peters’ Farm logo were then developed for use in various applications. Alternate versions include a horizontal version for use on long media, a seal to act as a shorthand version of the logo, a corn crew version, a signage version, a type version and a symbol version.
  • Top row (left to right): Standard version, horizontal version, seal version, corn crew version.
    Bottom row (left to right): Type version, symbol version, signage version.
  • The logo works in different four printing methods: black, red or green one color printing and full color printing.

  • Usage Examples
    While Peters' Farm intends to use the new logo starting with their 2014 season, Causarē developed examples of the logo's usage to accompany the project. These examples show the Peters’ Farm logo on signage, apparel, tote bags and the internet.
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