• Traverse is a storytelling tool that lets you craft engaging stories about your travel by stitching together your experiences as a composition.

    Our travel experiences are multi-faceted and multi-sensory. Today our phones and cameras allow us to capture enormous amounts of data while traveling. The social media platforms that exist today force these stories to get told and consumed in a linear manner, as single snippets, which lose importance as they get older. As a result we lose the multi sensorial richness in our travel stories. Therefore as a part of my thesis project, I designed a new tool for travel storytelling that allows us to craft immersive stories by juxtaposing together different moments & media from our travel as compositions. It allows us to recollect and tell stories, in much the same way as we actually experience them. 

    Here's a video showing how compositions get built as a travelers go from place to place capturing different media:
  • How does it work?

    When you set out to travel you start a story in Traverse. You can capture your experiences as you travel using visual, audio or text based inputs. It even gives you prompts and ideas for what to capture based on your location - e.g. take a panoramic shot at the lake. It even aggregates media captured on other tools like Instagram, Vine, Soundcloud. Simultaneously it starts building compositions with the most important captured media. You can easily go back to the collection, and turn on or off media that you want to show. Within the collection, the app automatically interprets events in your travel and organizes all your media - based on your location, the amount of media you capture and the time you spent in that location. Each event has its own composition. These stories then become a source of travel inspiration for your friends and followers. 
    Graduate show presentation: