ACRI Budget Cuts Campaign

  • The Association for Civil Rights in Israel approached me about designing a social media campaign to protest cuts proposed by the government for the 2013-2014 budget. The target audience would be middle class Israelis, not neccesarily those that would be impacted by the cuts, but those who have the majority of voting power. We decided to go with an infographics based campaign, to frame data about health, education and food spending so that the average Israeli could understand and empathize with those families whose abilitiy to sustain basic vital neccesities would be impacted by the cuts.
    ACRI provided me with some statistics they wanted to focus on from the National Census. I ended up poring through the National Census myself to find more relevant data points, cross referencing several spreadsheets about average household spending in order to convey how much the seemingly insiginificant numbers (as government framed them) were actually of great value to many families. We contrasted and compared and used a realist visual language, to evoke feelings of familiarity of everyday life and really bring the message home for the viewers.
    The campaign was widely shared and generated many social media conversations around the meaning of the data.