Reds & Blues

  • Asbury Park 1997, Daphne shares her thoughts in this visual journal of her life with her girlfriend as they struggled to maintain their relationship alive despite Haylie's homophobic aunt Dolores who will do anything to keep them away from each other.
    More about the production:
    This short film was screened at the Dusty's film festival as a thesis film for the undergraduate program at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. It was shot by students and alumni, the cast is from different acting conservatories, SAG & Non-SAG. It was shot on super 16mm film and colorized by technicolor with a 2K scan. Locations included Asbury Park, Brooklyn and Hoboken.
    Written & Directed by Karina Vidal (
    Produced by Aimee Sequeira 
    Music by AM-Boy (
    Director of Photography / John Campbell
    Camera Operator / Edward Herrera
    Sound Mixer / Sven Reithmeyer
    Daphne / Theodora Woolley (
    Haylie / Jenny Sciarra
    Dolores / Susan Kirby
    Aron / Connor Fitzpatrick
    Trent / Brian Buzard
    An IBTC Production
    May 2013