Tati's Memory Quilt

  • Can design touch a demented grandma?
  • Far from being an exemplary grandson, son or brother, I felt the urge to move my family in Beirut.

    Stefan’s Sagmeister’s project was the perfect opportunity for me to do something for my grandma “Tati” to make amends for years of negligence. She lives in Beirut and suffers from serious memory loss.

    I decided to create a family-tree quilt and had it secretly shipped to my brother who managed to unite my family and give her the package.

    At first, she was very confused at the sight of the “carpet”, but after decrypting it, everything came back to her. It is now always with her in bed, and she reads it everyday.

    This is the most therapeutic project I have ever done. Thanks Stefan for making me feel more humane.
  •     Kimmie, our beloved dog.
  •     One pocket for her rosary, and another for a logbook on which family members write their latest news

  •     Another pocket for her tissues that she always spreads all over the place.