The Perfect Stone

  • "My daughter was 13 years old. She was not having a man, she didn't reach that age." 
    Father of victim, Somalia, 2008
    "He said she was raped."
    Eyewitness, Somalia, 2008
  • "More than a thousand of people arrive there. They brought the lady to the place, and when she came out she said, 'What do you want from me?'"
    Eyewitness, Somalia, 2009
  • "Two men forced her to the buried place. They tried to catch her hands and her legs into the hole."
    Eyewitness, Somalia, 2008
  • "The crowd was very, very busy. Every person trying to see what was happening. The time was 4 p.m. After one hour the lady was brought there, and the forces tried to stone her."
    Eyewitness, Somalia 2008
  • "Those who were the closest, they were saying there was more bleeding on her face, and her head was bleeding very bad."
    Eyewitness, Somalia, 2008
  • "They removed her from the ground and declared that she was still alive, before she was replaced so that the stoning could continue."
    Eyewitness, Somalia, 2008
  • "After they finished stoning her they tried to cover her...and they took her to the hospital to bury."
    Eyewitness, Somalia, 2008