Hans & Fritz

  • 3D Lookdev Artist, BUCK Design Inc., Hans & Fritz, “ Campfire”, NYC, 03/2020-10/2020
  • Hello! Meet Hans and Fritz, our new characters made by our @buck_design NY CG crew in an after-hours independent collaboration. 
    We hope you enjoy this little short clip we made with love!
  • Here are some of my favorite shots from the clips!
  • Here are some of my initial look development for Hans. 
    I made a few groom systems for him. 
    Such as the hair, beard, eyebrows, eyelashes, mustache, chess hair, arm hair, and leg hair. Can you imagine we actually have these many hairy areas?
  • The here is comes my next challenge, I was learning how to use Ornatrix for grooming Fritz. Even though we did not ended up using this version, 
    I still want to show you some of my background work for him.
  • Here is a test render for Fritz for a different shot we had.
  • I hope you love this post and thanks for your time!
  • Credits:

    Filipe Machado @flip_machado : Modeling, Rigging, Texturing
    Yoyo @yeojin_shin : Character Design
    Thomas Schmid @tschmid88 : Character Design
    Ida Zhu @ayedah.art : Art Direction, Storyboard, Color key, Animation, Sound
    Ylli Orana @yllesses : Art Direction, Matte Painting, TD
    Joy Tien @tienmogram : Lookdev, Groom, Lighting, Layout
    Kat Smith @angeliquekatriel_art : Lighting, Compositing, Texturing, Modeling
    Bill Dorais @do_rai_me : CG Lead, Rigging
    Chris Ribar @sweetpotatoes86 : FX, Groom, TD

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