• These are my first set of infographics. They were a lot of fun to make. It’s always a challenge trying to making something that hits all the marks. That being making something that conveys the information you want easily, making it artistically/aesthetically pleasing and making it something your client will like.
       While this certainly isn’t perfect and I’m still new to infographics, I am happy with what I achieved at this point in hitting those three marks.
        So for some of this I drew the vector objects myself or used live trace. For a couple things I just used stock vector art. I used stock art for the car and modified stock art for the boat. I don’t know whether anybody looks down on that or not but it’s all about time constraints. I try to compensate by making the layout as interesting as possible.
        In terms of the layout I’ve seen some really cool hexagon layouts before and I’ve been dieing to try my hand at it. I wanted it to look friendly but electronic at the same time. That’s why I used lines connecting the hexagons that at least to me look like circuit board connections.