Causare Logo & Development

  • Design with CAUSE: Causarē Logo & Development
    Causarē is a rebrand of Leporē Graphic Design, the six year freelance design business of Causarē creative director Michael Leporē. Leporē Graphic Design had grown and developed throughout Leporē's schooling but constant changes and weak branding limited its potential. From 2007 to 2012 Leporē Graphic Design used several different monograms before switching to a basic wordmark in 2013. The need for a rebrand arose out of a desire to create a more professional brand that stood for a commitment to great design rather than just personal style.
  • From left to right: Leporē Graphic Design monogram (2010) and wordmark (2013) and Causarē logo (2013).
  • Defining Great Design
    An exhausting naming process with over three hundred drafts eventually lead to the question: What makes great design?  Determining what made great design brought to mind the ideas of concepts in advertising, aesthetics in graphic design, usability in information and industrial design and simplicity in modernism. At this point it seemed great design could be made by connecting these ideas across disciplines.
  • The theory: Concept, Aesthetics, Usability together with Simplicity as the common denominator.
  • The theory then became Causarē's new design process: Design with CAUSE.
  • Naming the Brand
    With Design with CAUSE as its foundation the rebrand needed a name and a logo. Causarē is Italian meaning “to cause”. This name served as reference to CAUSE as well as its founder's Italian-American decent. This even allowed the brand to retain an old element, the macron over the e, to ensure proper pronunciation. To further encourage a smooth transition from the original brand a vivid green was kept as a brand color.
  • Creating the Logo
    For the final component of the project Causarē needed memorable logo that properly defined the brand.
  • The four ideas became the starting point for the logo as the best way to express Causarē.
  • These ideas were then simplified and added with Causarē's brand color.
  • This symbol was then rotated on its side because to Causarē when a design contains all four ideas
    it becomes a diamond. It shines brightly and more importantly it lasts.

  • The Final Logo
  • This has been a Causarē project. For business inquiries please contact