Vampire Weekend: Lemon Sounds

  • Assignment: Professor Dr. Dan Formosa gave each student a lemon and simply told us to photograph the lemon and display the fruit in a compelling way to our personal Facebook accounts. The goal was to get as much attention as possible. The only caveat was that we weren't allowed to tell people about the competition. 
    The Solution: Designed a fictitious album for Indie band Vampire Weekend and named the album 'Lemon Sounds.' Created a teaser website for the 'new' album, Also, created a track listing  of songs, as well as a 15 second teaser video for the Lemon Sounds album. 
    Results: 114 Facebook likes. The Lemon Sounds album was covered by many music websites: Pitchfork, Vice, NME, Consequences of Sound, Spin, who all thought the album was real until they later found out from the record label it wasn't. Interviewed by DIY. Radio interview for ABC Triple J. Conversations started with the hashtag, #lemonsounds. Received a fruit basket full on lemons from Vampire Weekend's record label XL Recordings with the message, "we're not bitter."
    Read a full account of the project on the School of Visual Arts Masters in Branding website