MoMA: Destination NYC

  • MoMA Destination:  NYC
    Client:  MoMA Design Store
    Art Direction: Mark Kingsley, SVA instructor
    Brian Bergeron, Assistant Creative Director at MoMA Design Store
    In 2005, the MoMA Design Store launched the first of its Destination: Design series that brings products from different cities and countries from around the world to the museum’s store. So far, the series has brought products from Finland, Denmark, Buenos Aires, Berlin, Japan, Seoul, Brazil, Portugal, Istanbul, and Mexico. Its latest edition is Destination: NYC, a collection with approximately 200 lifestyle products including home accessories, furniture, paper goods and jewelry.
    In 2013 the Masters in Branding Program at the School of Visual Arts, the class was given the assignment to develop multiple brand strategies to tell the story of Destination: NYC. Was one of select students to present to MoMA’s senior curator, Paola Antonelli.
    Scope of work: Identity, Display Design, Advertising, Promotional E-Commerce, Communication Strategy
    Strategy: People all over the world have an undeniable attractionto New York City, a cultural phenomenon. The desire for the city has transcended generations, seen when huddled masses yearned for freedom on Ellis Island. Drawn to the center of activity which is New York City. Where people are compelled to leave their mark through skyscrapers, fashion, and art. New York City is magnetic.